Themes in Medea

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Essential Facts Themes of the Play 1. Why does Medea kill her children: 1. Jason has betrayed her 2. Vengeance: to leave him childless in old age 3. Failed heroism 2. Revenge-drama: 1. Medea gravely wronged by Jason 1. Jason a non-citizen and exile offered opportunity to marry princess of Corinth, inherit throne 2. Medea regarded as concubine and her children reduced to dependents of Jason's children by princess 3. Violation of oaths to gods 2. Situation of woman thinking rashly 1. Need to avenge herself …

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…old king of Athens, having promised him that she would use her magic to enable him to have more children. She married Aegeus and bore him a son, Medus. But Aegeus had another son, Theseus. When Theseus returned to Athens, Medea tried to trick her husband into poisoning him. She was unsuccessful, and had to flee Athens, taking Medus with her. After leaving Athens, Medus became king of the country, which was later called Media.