Theme of war followed throughout the novel "A Separate Peace."

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One of the major essentials in a work of fiction is its theme. The themes of a novel are the key beliefs and thoughts discussed by the author throughout the work of fiction. Novels can either encompass several or just one theme that occurs throughout the work. A Separate Peace, written by John Knowles contains numerous themes that are suggested and traced throughout the narrative. In this novel, many ideas are combined to create the …

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…have a war. They experience the war of accusation about the catastrophe. The events that Gene goes through with society after the accident are a war in itself. Even though the backdrop for the novel is World War II, there are many concealed wars throughout the novel. The effect of war shown by Leper, Gene's battle against society, and Gene's battle against Finny, are a few instances of war in the novel, A Separate Peace.