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Theme Of 1984 In the movie 1984, Orwell predicted oppression, mind control, and inequality in the future world. I believe that he wrote this book to warn future generations of the downfalls of totalitarianism and communistic governments. I found many themes through out the film. One theme I found in the movie is that dictatorships are very controlling and they can do as they please just to control the people within their country. The movie said that …

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…Winston worked in the Ministry of Truth and changed newspapers to better represent Big Brother and if people said they remembered something, it was considered “Thought Crime” and was punishable by death. Orwell shows us that people who can not remember history are doomed to repeat it. Orwell wrote this book for us to take a serious look at communism and totalitarianism so our world doesn’t end up like the one in 1984. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**