Thematic Analysis of Macbeth

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Thematic Analysis of Macbeth There are many themes, which are presented, in the second scene of the tragic play written by William Shakespeare. However, the most substantial theme in scene two is how there is disorder or disharmony in nature and the environment around Macbeth and the other characters in the play. In the beginning of Act two, Scene one, Shakespeare describes the setting as a dark night, so almost immediately the night is perceived …

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…nature comes from Macbeth’s mouth, “Now o’er the one-half world nature seems dead, and wicked dreams abuse the curtained sleep” (II, i, 61-63). This statement means that everywhere he looks, the world seems dead and withered. It also gives him ideas that the murder he is about to commit will have far spread repercussions and consequences. Basically he is having second thoughts before killing Duncan. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** The Tragedy of Macbeth by Shakespear