"The winters tale" by Shakespeare.

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Analyze the structural arrangements of themes and/or scenes in one or more plays. The play that I shall be discussing in this essay is The Winter's Tale. If we are to look at the genre that the play falls under then this may lead us to understand the structural arrangements. The play appears to be split into two 'parts', the first taking place in Sicilia and the second in Bohemia. The play falls under …

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…power and repentance. Even though there should be two climatic scenes in Act 5 Scene 2, the audience is only told of the discovery and reunion of Leontes and Perdita through Autolycus and the gentlemen. Shakespeare could have given the audience a scene of the reuniting of father and daughter, however in the structure of the play it would be tedious to the audience and also the true climax is with Leontes exoneration in the final scene.