The way a man breaks the bonds of his society, and changes his life Fahrenheit 451

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TV walls blurring, the sound dulls out all knowledge. BOOM! The sound of University doors closing. Jets fly over a city. BOOM! The sound of a city dying. "'A man running… the running man… a man alone, on foot… watch…'" BOOM! The sound of a man awakening from his stupidity, a man at the dawn of a new era in his life. Fahrenheit 451, a novel by Ray Bradbury, has Montag, a man who becomes …

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…guy". This novel teaches us a lot of valuable lessons. The nuclear weapons are evil in our world and his; they cause amazing devastation and pain. TV is a strange technology, originally meant to bring books to life; to be a supplement to them, to broadcast great plays, to be able to see what happens on the radio. Yet is ironic how it has ended up replacing them and life, in our world and theirs.