The way Jonathon Swift addressed the issue of overpopulation in Ireland.

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A Modest Proposal I, along with many others, venture into many public places on a daily basis, it is in these public settings that I have noticed the constant affection displayed by many couples, couples who seem to be under the misconception that they are truly in love with the person they are with. I find that these public displays of affection are most commonly sighted in high schools. It is my belief that no …

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…world. As you can see, there are no downsides to be found in my proposed solution for dealing with inconsiderate, self-absorbed, sexually driven lovers. Eliminating public displays of affection by such people will prove to be purely beneficial to mankind. My motives are pure in presenting you with this proposal, so please consider it and if you feel so moved, join the 5,000+ who are already petitioning for the Anti-Public Affection Act to become a law.