The title of this essay is the makiing of a lawyer. This was wrote for a Economics class. It was targeted at students who are interested in becoming a Lawyer.

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Almost one million lawyers work to assure the principle of equal justice under law to the people of the United States. The justice system is just so interesting to me that I have choose to follow my dream and pursue a career as a Lawyer. During the time I have studied about careers I have learned so much about what it takes to become a Lawyer and make a living in America. To become a …

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…advising corporations; some concentrate on taxation or on wills, trusts and estate planning: some practice public interest law, for example working to protect the environment. About ten percent of lawyers work for various governmental units in either civil or criminal law. A much smaller number become teachers of the law others become judges. Others use their legal skills and education in other fields. Some lawyers are corporate executives, bankers, legal affairs reporters, or school administrators.