The suicide of meriwether lewis

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The Suicide of Meriwether Lewis A report by Charles Emmett Chatham IV 31 January 2000 Chatham 1 In the early hours of October 11, 1806, while en-rout to Wasington to defend himself against accusations made on him in accordance to the fiancial decisions made by him as govoner of the Louisian teritory,Meriwether Lewis shot himself in the head with his own pistol at Natchez Trace.1 However, the ball only grazed his skull. Of course, after doing so he fell …

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…the solution was that of escavating Meriwether Lewis’ grave. The team, which included a doctor, said, "it seems more probable that he died by the hands of an assassin."19 Bibliography Bibliography Undaunted Courage, Stephen E. Ambrose Simon and Schuster, NY 1996 Dr. David Ensminger In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark, Gerald S. Snyder U.S. News & World Report, Jan 12, 1998 v124 n1 p11 Richard Dillon, Meriwether Lewis (1965, reprinted 1988). Lewis and Clark, Chidsey, crown Publishers, inc., NY 1990