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The Role of the Speaker and Dramatic Situation in The River Merchantís Wife: A Letter In the poem, The River-Merchantís Wife: A Letter Ezra Pound, leaves us in question about a relationship in which there was a dramatic break up between two people. Ezra Pound, through the role of the speaker, dramatic situation and certain experiences illustrates the purpose of the poem to the reader in several ways. First of all, I would …

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…Ezra Pound illustrated who the speaker was and the purpose of the speaker. Ezra Pound outlined in detail the dramatic situation and experiences of the speaker by using a very effective tone and diction. Using the methods and the approach in which the poet took, to explaining the life and encounter of the speaker, Ezra Pound was able to turn the poem, The River-Merchantís Wife: A Letter into a real life experience. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**