The rise of technology in America

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In the 1860's the United States of America underwent a change in economy. The US economy was no longer agriculture based, but rather manufacture based. This shift in economy not only marks the beginning of the Industrial revolution, but also the establishment of the middleclass. This shift in economy was unavoidable, as America's urban population surpassed its' rural population. Many Americans adopted an enthusiastic attitude towards technology. The rapid change in technology excited many, but …

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…years with regards to computers. The trolley car becomes a widely used form of transportation. Eventually the trolley is bought out by the automobile and oil industries. New items were invented. A few inventors, which have become known and often grouped together as the “Wizards” of the Industrial revolution, rose up to challenge and push the boundaries of technology. Those who achieved Wizard status included: Thomas Edison, Luther Burbank, Henry Ford, Firestone, and Graham Bell.