The reformation.

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There comes a time in everybody's life where they begin to wonder about the world. Babies often wonder what lies in behind the couch. Children grow to question why their parents make them go to bed at nine o-clock on a school night. Teenagers often question and dispute curfews imposed on them by their dictorial parents. Adults even question the authority of their higher ups sometimes, which unfortunately more often than not leads to early …

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…on personal judgment furthered the development of democratic governments based on the collective choice of individual voters (Funk and Wagnalls V22 Pg 162)." I believe that the preceding statement explains the reformation very well for one sentence. Through those two individuals, though mainly Luther, democracy started to unravel in a true sense. Two different churches were being recognized by emperors in that of Catholicism and Lutheranism, and Protestants were no longer being excommunicated for their beliefs