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Poem: noun An imaginative composition on verse. Poetry: noun Art or work of a poet. Though I had difficulty getting books from the library, I did find one unexpected source. I discovered a neighbour with a library. After hours of reading and discussions have come to the conclusion that of all the poems I have discovered while researching this essay, I was particularly struck by "The Raven" written by Edgar Allan Poe. It is a …

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…variety of emotions ranging from:humour eg. Believing it is a trained bird, to, fear eg. That it might have come from Hell to get him, to, Anger eg. That he might never see Lenore again, to, Loathing eg. Realising that he is dying. I think in a way that the raven is a messenger of his death, but he never really accepts it until he is sent or his fate with or without Lenore.