The principles of socialism in the revolutions of 1848.

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It is obvious that the failure of the revolutions of 1848 was not primarily the result of the disunity among the individuals or groups that led the revolutions. There were many large revolutions throughout Europe, of which almost all of them failed, and the fact is that not all of them shared one single primary cause for their failure. The revolutions of 1848 were based on the principles of socialism (a new ideology at that time), liberalism, …

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…in all of the other nations which experienced significant revolts.. As for the other revolutions (in France, Austria and Italy) there were two other major causes (again, not primary causes) of the failure of the revolutions: the lack of support of the peasants (also known as 'the masses'- a clear indication of their gigantic force and their make-up of the European population as a whole), and the resistance of the reactionary powers to the revolutions.