The positive and negative effects of Russian Industrialization

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Industrialization has been a key factor in the development of nations worldwide. Like every movement, industrialization is followed by both positive and negative effects. The industrialization of Russia was no exception to this theory. In 1861, under the rule of Alexander II, Russia moved into an active period of social and political reform that established the base for industrialization. It wasn't until the 1890's that Russia finally entered the industrial age. This was due, in part, …

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…across Russia, Nicholas was forced to put reforms in place. Rather than doing the work himself, he appointed Peter Stolypin prime minister. Stolypin realized that Russia was in need of both reform and repression. He put land reforms into place in order to gain peasant support. He also worked to improve education and increase the strength of elected assemblies called zemstvos. Although Peter Stolypin was assasinated in 1911, worker and peasant discontent had dramatically decreased by 1914.