The plot of "Moby Dick".

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Plot Ishmael the narrator announces his intent to ship aboard a whaling vessel. He has made several voyages as a sailor but none as a whaler. He travels to New Bedford, Massachusetts where he stays in a whalers inn. Since the inn is rather full, he has to share a bed with a harpooner from the South Pacific named Queequeg. At first repulsed by Queequeg's strange habits and shocking appearance Ishmael eventually comes to appreciate …

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…are caught in the vortex created by the sinking Pequod and pulled under to their deaths. Ishmael who was thrown from a boat at the beginning of the chase was far enough away to escape the whirlpool, and he survives. He floats atop Queequeg's coffin which popped back up from the wreck until he is picked up by the Rachel which is still searching for the crewmen lost in her earlier encounter with Moby Dick.