The physical, sexual, and psycholgical effects of Female Gential Mutation.

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Women that undergo female genital mutation (FGM) can have many effects on their lives such as physical, sexuality, and psychological. Physical effects of genital mutation can lead to death. While mutilation is being carried out the women suffer through sever pain, can go into shock, start to hemorrhage or bleed profusely, and serious damage to the clitoris and labia can occur. After the mutilation is completed the women may encounter serious infections from their urine …

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…terror, humiliation and betrayal, the long-term effects will have a negative impact on the rest of their lives. The shock and trauma of the operation has suggested that "the operation may contribute to the behavior described as "calmer" and "docile", considered positive in societies that practice female mutilation." Other psychological effects that are caused are the feeling of being accepted by the society since she has upheld the traditions and now is eligible for marriage.