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The Persecuted The Holocaust is generally regarded as the killing of not only six million Jews, the primary victims, but also five million others. Approximately 11 million individuals were wiped off the Earth by the Nazis. It is hard to grasp the idea or visualize 11 million deaths, however 11 million lives where taken because of racism and hate, all in a period of eleven years(1933-1945). It is sad that the Holocaust represents eleven million lives abruptly …

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…people were murdered by the Nazis. It is sad that hate alone could do this to some many people. Most people think that the Jews were the only one persecuted by the Nazi, I beg to differ. There were many other groups persecuted besides the Jews, like groups such as the handicapped, Polish, homosexuals, and even children form these groups. “It would be very sad to forget even one precious life extinguished so ruthlessly”(Victims).