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Differences Being different could mean many things, such as being different in appearance, having a different life-style or doing things that are different. Most people who are different suffer through many punishments that are not very fair. People who are different consider themselves as normal and find nothing wrong with themselves. In the short stories The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury, The Enemy by Pearl Buck, and The Bully by Gregory Clark, being different is a …

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…of their beliefs and their appearance. These outcasts suffer very severe consequences for being different. The short stories The Pedestrian, The Enemy, and The Bully illustrates, very well the issue of being different. Leonard Mead's society considered him as different. Sadao and Hana's country considered them as different, and Aubrey considered Gregory Clark as different. These people are not necessarily different they are just judged as different. Being different does not fundamentally make you wrong.