The other side of the ledger An indian view of the Hudsons Bay Company

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ďThe other side of the ledgerĒ is an Indian view of the Hudsonís Bay company. The Hudsonís Bay companyís 300th anniversary celebration where Queen Elizabeth II among the other guests was present, was no occasion for joy among the people whose lives were tied to the trading stores. During the past 300 years, the history has been written by white men. They have only focused on the generosity of the traders and the …

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…by the same company for many times. The English govnít has undermined the rights of Indians through the use of Hudsonís Bay Company. In order for the Indian culture to grow, it is essential for them to have a pride in their culture. But this can only happen if the economic and social position of the Indians is brought up. Hence, Indians question economic, social, and political system who supported H.B.C..