The openings of the Time Machine

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The openings of the Time Machine and Lord of the Flies seem like a description of paradise. In what ways does this turn out to be deceptive? The Time Machine is about the possibility of time travelling. In the story, one man succeeds in building a fully working time machine, and he uses it to travel into the future. The story was written during the Victorian times (1895), by H.G. Wells. Lord of the Flies …

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…de-generating, and way into the future we will turn out just like the Eloi. He thinks that we will be small, frail, indolent, and unintelligent creatures, a bit like children of our own times. Golding thinks that there is a savage side to everybody and the need for survival is strong. He thinks that we all need a bit of both, that is savagery and civilisation. Golding thinks that necessity (survival) makes the people savages.