The nurses role in the positioning of the patient perioperatively under general anaesthetic.

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"Careful patient positioning is an art and a science that affects patient safety and outcomes" (Gruendemann and Fernsebner 1995, p.388). This statement could not be truer but in the age of advancing medicine and technology basic nursing skills such as perioperative patient positioning are gaining more emphasis from nurses as the medical profession disregards their importance. In this dissertation, the author will re-emphasise the significance of safe and conscientious positioning of the patient under general anaesthetic. …

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…position. This position is "thought to result in more ulcers than other positions"(Foster, Mukai, Breckenridge and Smith, 1979). So good nursing assessment, planning and implementation is needed, i.e. researching the correct alignment, pressure sore prophylaxis and good observation skills. Currently in hospitals with increasing workloads, demands and cost cutting attention is focusing elsewhere. However, the perioperative nurse will always be there to advocate and protect the patient to ensure their maximum comfort and safety.