The nature/nurture debate

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Nature --- Innate behaviour. This is the behaviour that has been evolved over many generations, under the influence of natural selection. The behaviour is adapted to the animal's way of life and is shown by all members of the species. Nurture --- Learned behaviour. The individual animal throughout its life learns this type of behaviour. There is often great variation among a species because it all depends on the environment and experiences of the individual …

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…heredity, environment and the dynamic interaction of the two will not be the same. In person "A" a given characteristic might be more affected by his or her genes while in person "B" the environment has a more profound affect on the development of that trait, etc. The simple view is; Present behaviour = Genes + Environment The realistic view is; Present behaviour = Genes + Nutrition + Pre-natal environment + Culture + Parental practices + Family Income + Birth order + Schooling + Traumas + Luck!!