The meaning of social class and how it interacts with age, gender and Race.

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What is social class? How, in your opinion and based on the materials, does childhood experience affect the social class of adults? How does social class interact with age, gender and race? Each society is made up of social layers, usually called social classes, with each layer having a different degree of access to goods or status. In the Western societies, (where I was born) the social class of a given family is most often …

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…effect. In spite of poor environmental settings, children are always the main targets of accusations that their behavior is deviant, rebellious, and indifferent, while in fact their parents, the system, the church, their neighbors and society should be blamed for such behavior. Years of drudgery and violence in the street are likely to leave psychological scars on children of poor families living in-run down neighborhoods. Reference Gold, Martin, et al. "Experiments in the Streets" (pg. 98)