The meaning of Federalism, definition, some history about it

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The History of Federalism The United States system of government is very important to the people of the United States of America, but many citizens do not know about the actual system of how our government works. The form that controls this country, allows the states and the federal government to share their powers equally, and allows our senators, governors, and even the President to be elected by the people that live within the United …

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…fail was the system of federalism. Works Cited Berube, Daniel. Webster's Dictionary 9th Edition. United States of America, 1991. 500. Buchanan, J.M. (1978) "Markets, States, and the Extent of Morals." American Ecnoic Review 68 (May): 364-68. < Davidson, Roger H., A.B., Ph.D. "Federalism." Encyclopedia Encarta. < Wilson, James Q. American Government: 7th Edition. U.S.A. 1998.