The matrix.

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The Matrix. 1. Cast & Crew Keanu reeves - Neo Laurence Fishburne - Morpheus Carrie-Anne Moss - Trinity Joe Pantoliano - Cypher Hugo Weaving - Agent Smith Larry & Andy Wachowski - Writers and Directors John Gaeta - Visual Effects The movie won several awards: The academy award for: Best Film editing Best sound Best Sound effects editing Best visual Effects And the British academy awards for: Best Sound Best special visual effects The Theme of …

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…movie the wachowski brothers came up with a brilliant idea. You should also see the movie because of the great actors especially Keanu Reaves who is giving a great performance because of his fighting he had been training very hard to learn all of the combat styles and because of his emotion expressing and calibrating with the crew. In conclusion the matrix is a magnificent unforgettable movie one of the most successful movies ever made.