The management process : what managers are and what they typically do.

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Introduction In this report about the nature of management. First of all we define what managers are and what they typically do. The skills needed to be a manager will also be examined We will look at the different organisation levels and types. And examine the various processes of management. This will help illustrate the similarities and differences of the nature of management What is a manager? Definition Management is the' process of designing and …

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…the skills a manager has and the processes they use to achieve organisational objectives. However the nature of management tends to differ because of many factors such as organisational culture, level, individuality and the industry. Management is consumed by these factors and adapts to suit the organisation Bibliography Tim Hannaghan, Management: Concepts and Practice Second Edition, Pitman Publishing 1998 Harold Koontz and Heinz Weihrich, Essentials of Management Fifth Edition, McGraw Hill 1990 Managing Business Organisations Student workbook 2001