The life of Luis J. Rodriguez as told through the book Always running: Gang Days in L.A.

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In the book Always Running La Vida Loco: Gang Days in LA by Luis J. Rodriguez, the author is the main character. He shows through his writings a remarkable amount of personal character development. From the beginning of his story Luis describes the many changes he goes through as his life unfolds. Luis uses many examples to describe his life experiences and the way he acted when obstacles stood in his way. Luis experienced many …

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…matured and left the gang life, went back to high school to get his degree, and even joined THOMAS. THOMAS was a study group that helped Mexican-Americans get their high school diploma. Luis had to make his own opportunity to become a positive role model in his community. Luis knew that if he really wanted something he could do it. He wanted to be a positive influence in his community, and he accomplished his goal.