The legend of King O'malley

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Text Analysis Essay 3 1.To what extent did the events of the day prompt the writing of this play? What were the writer's objectives? First published in 1974, but performed by NIDA in 1970, The Legend of King O'Malley was a controversial play for its time. In the thick of the Vietnam War, the authors themselves, as well as the actors were directly influenced by the issue of conscription. Each of the characters, legislations, and events are based …

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…bones?" - O'Malley "She'll be right, mate!" - Coowonga In conclusion, the authors were not only influenced by events of their time, but also by the historical incidents. By writing The Legend of King O'Malley, Bob Ellis and Michael Boddy are encouraging their audiences to look into the history of Australia and consider how things could have be done differently. They have also discussed controversial issues of their era that directly affected their own lives.