The laws of seatbelt usage.

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To Buckle Or Not To Buckle: A Matter of Life or Death In 1959, Nils Bohlin, a safety engineer for the Swedish-based Volvo automobile company, introduced the three-point shoulder/lap safety belt. Today, seatbelts, as they eventually would be known as, are installed in all automobiles. . Seatbelts have proven to put the driver and the passengers at lower risks of mortality involved in accidents. It is for this reason that forty-nine of the fifty states of …

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…deemed as a success. Many more other respected studies show the benefits of use of seat belts as well. With reliable studies, exposure to real life victims, and strict laws in their way, 15% of Americans still neglect the benefits of seatbelt use. Traffic accidents are worst worldwide killer since the plague, however treatment is available, it comes in the form of seatbelts, so buckle up, or suffer the consequences that 120 people face per day, death.