The land of dream

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The Land of Dream—An Essay on propraganda and brainwashing Cheer up, the worst is yet to come. Sadly, swiftly and surely, we have seen the sheep follow a hopeless shepherd. Man has yet to see through that deeply clouded window of truth that pollutes the mind of almost every character belonging to the herd. Can salvation prevail from unscrupulousness subjects such as mind, sign, and environmental pollution? No one knows the answer, but it …

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…be studied the right way. Man should take second glance at what opportunities appear before him to aid his polluted, tainted and contaminated mind. Put your eyes, ears and mind to appropriate operation. We must stop the sheep from following the incompetent shepherd. To reach this goal is almost impossible. Maybe, just maybe, that foggy window of ignorance will transform into a clear vision of intelligence. My friends applaud, the comedy is over. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**