The jazz age

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In spite of social and economic upheaval, the 1900’s prospered as a whole. The 1920’s were marked by technological, historical, literary, and political, phenomena. Society was experiencing a new way of life, characterized by new technology that enabled Americans to kick back and enjoy all life had to offer. During the 1920’s, the United States started off on a joyride in an “era of wonderful nonsense” (World Book Encyclopedia p.114). Americans felt lighthearted and optimistic …

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…because of the weaknesses in the economy. The stock market, which supported so many people’s fortunes, crashed and left many Americans and some of the world penniless. The lifestyle that was made famous during the Jazz Age was found impossible to maintain. Many of the technological and literary advances that were made were forgotten, as the most important issues became the challenge of feeding one’s family. The glorious Jazz Era concluded in ruin.