The japanese economy and where it gets its capital from.

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Japan is one of the world's economic giants. Only that of the United States exceeds its economic output. The Japanese manufacture a wide range of products, including automobiles, computers, steel, television sets, textiles, and tires. The country's factories have some of the most highly developed equipment in the world. Japan has become a major economic power even though it has few natural resources. Japan imports many of the raw materials needed for industry and exports …

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…as its leader. Koizumi projected a more lively image than most Japanese politicians and promised to development the government and revive the economy. BIBLIOGRAPHY PAGE 1.(, Official Economic and Social Research Institute of Japan) 2.Japan. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001 3.T. Inoguchi and D. I. Okimoto, The Political Economy of Japan (Vol. II, 1988) 4.The Japanese Economy--by David Flath. 5.Japan's New Global Role by Edward J. Lincoln: Brooking Institution , 1993