The importance of the character of Marie in The Outsider

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The purpose of this essay is to bring to light the significance of Marie as a character in Albert Camus’, ‘The Outsider’. Through analysis and criticism, this essay endeavors to reveal her importance as an aid to the better the reader’s understanding of the personality of Meursault, the protagonist of the novel. Marie is first introduced to the reader in chapter two of part one. The description of Marie that Camus gives us in …

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…This accentuates her significance as a symbol of his freedom. We can thus conclude that understanding the relevance of the character of Marie is crucial to comprehending Meursault’s persona. She is a symbol of his truthfulness, indifference, objectivity and freedom from captivity. Her character might not inspire any respect for Marie as a person, but her relationship with Meursault elucidates the reason for his being called ‘The Outsider’. Bibliography 'The Outsider' by Franz Kafka