The importance of structure in "The Agamemnon" is a classic Greek tragedy written by Aeschylus.

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The Agamemnon is a classic Greek tragedy written by Aeschylus in which he entails the continuation of the curse on the house of Atreus in the time period following the end of the Trojan War and the return of King Agamemnon. This play tells of the murders of Cassandra and Agamemnon-by-Agamemnon's wife Clytemestra. Throughout the play many aspects have a profound effect on the structure. Things such as the chorus, audience, the use of common …

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…the overall outcome and appearance of the play. Aeschylus used many different things to enhance the structure of his play, all of these things intertwined into similar aspects of looking into the past or future, the chorus, audience, buts and ellipses, and flashbacks/foreshadowing all used some to improve the structure of the play in their own unique way. Many of Aeschylus's ideas on the structure connect and have a huge effect's on The Agamemnon.