The imperial Woman

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In 1852, a Manchurian girl, Orchid, clan name Yehonala, was summoned to be viewed by the Emperor of China. On the twentieth day of the sixth moon, the last Empress of China was chosen. By right, her cousin, Sakota, was the Emperorís consort, but she gave birth to a girl. Yehonala gave birth to a boy and became the Empress, Tzu Hsi. Once the Son of Heaven dies, Tzu Hsi and the consort, Tzu An, …

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…many history mistakes in Imperial Woman. For example, Yehonala and Sakota were never cousins. As property of the Emperor, it would have been impossible for Yehonala to have bore a child of another man. Even the Emeperorís concubines, who were nothing but chattels, were heavliy guarded. It would not be proper for two women to have the same lord. However, Imperial Woman is high recommend to learn more about the last empress of China.