The history of zionism.

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I) A Short Definition of Zionism Zion, or Sion, is the name of the southeast hill of Jerusalem. It was the name of a Jebusite fortress conquered by David, and was later to be known as the hill where the temple devoted to Jahve, or God, was situated. To many people, Zion is a symbol of the Jews last stronghold, and also a symbol of the place where God can dwell among his people. Zionists …

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…a period when support for Israel is at its lowest for a long time, maybe ever. I personally think that Israel is going to have a difficult time ahead, and that a serious change of mentality among the leaders is imperative. The original thinkers of Zionism did probably not know how many wars and how much bloodshed this philosophy was going to generate, something that still goes on, and only seems to be getting worse.