The history of skateboarding

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The Complete History of Skateboarding Skateboarding has a rich history. Scooters were basically what you would call the first skateboards. They were usually used for transportation because they were so primitive. Metal wheels and 2x4 boards, this wasn't the kind of equipment you would want to do tricks on! In the 50's surfing was the cool thing to do and surfer clothes and attitude was "in". Most kids weren't near an ocean so the next …

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…Its popularity has been growing ever since. Here are the facts. In 1998 Skateboarding was found to be the 6th largest participant sport. It is the largest growing sport in the nation.1 in 10 kids own a skateboard, and that number is ever-growing, skateboarding has now more skaters then ever in the history of it. As you can see the main reason skateboarding has grown so big, is because Skateboarding is a positive fun expierience for everyone.