The history of Eastern Europe

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Course Background Dominant Civilizations 1. The dominant civilization at the time was the Roman Empire. 2. Western Europe was right behind the Roman Empire in civilization. 3. With the fall of the Roman Empire, Western civilization fell. The split of civilization 1. Western Europe began to slit in to seperate counries. 2. Less people used Latin as a form of communication. 3. This made international communication difficult. 4. Many different languages emerged. 5. Christianity split up with the rise of Protestantism. 6. Religeon began …

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…French soldiers into Vietnam to gain the support of the people back home in France. In 1916 the Vietnamese revolted. They charged up to the enemy but had only swords and spears and the French dominated the radicals with their firepower. There was no single motive for imperialistic expansion. Some did it for the money. Some did it for the glory. But all over, practically everyone in Europe had a colony elsewhere in a foreign land.