The history and future of the kkk

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The history and future of the kkk After the cannon fell silent and peace descended upon the battlefields of the War Between the States, there came an infamous chapter of American History called "The Reconstruction". From this era, this abyss of human misery and despair, there arose like the morning sun the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan was one of several similar groups which arose within the former Confederacy as a result of the tyranny …

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…order to pay for welfare and other give-away programs. The Klan is youth oriented. The young people of today will determine the kind of nation we will have tomorrow. Any movement that wants to make history must win the young. We are. The Klan is worldwide in scope. Wherever there are White people - we are. Those who hate our race and faith are all over the world, and we are there to face them.