The great gatsby

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The Great Gatsby in order to demonstrate how pursuing one's desires can lead to both destruction and growth. He accomplishes this by using Gatsby, Tom, Nick, and Daisy to show the consequences of their unrestrained desires, and the actions they took to achieve these desires. As the title infers, Jay Gatsby is nothing short of great. Gatsby has created his own society, a lonely and pseudo-upper class. This new class was built by Gatsby in …

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…make similar mistakes. Tom's dream includes having a mistress, and this causes the death of her as well as the distancing of him from his wife. Ultimately all parties in this novel are injured in some way by their unrestrained (because of their financial and social status) pursuit of dreams. As a final thought, one must ask whether their dreams and desires are worth sacrificing for before beginning the relentless pursuit of a perfect life.