The following is a curriculum covering seven lessons, designed for the eleventh grade English classroom.

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The following curriculum design is centered on the theme of the human need to be accepted. I have chosen both fictional and non-fictional works to disabuse students of the erroneous belief that literature is always imaginary, a fantastical creation far removed from their lives. If students are to reap any rewards from the things that they read, it is imperative to connect the themes in the works that they read with contemporary issues. Students will …

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…and ascertain what the patients' problems might be. They will then do a paper, at home, to determine the patients' likeness to the ones in the movie, and the similarities and differences that they notice. They must decide whether they think social problems contributed to their ending up there. Goals: Students will understand mental illness in their community. Students will develop interrogation and communication skills. Students will learn how to write a comparison/contrast paper