The essay is about the behaviors of students in the classroom which bothers me very much.

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Student's Behavior: Red Alert. There is a single place in this country I despise but for Heaven's sake, I have to be there almost every day, the classroom. Eager to learn as I am, the sight of the classroom makes me green and sick to my stomach. I feel nothing but outrage, nausea, and irritating discomfort in the classroom. The reason for all of this madness and uneasiness is the improper and crude behavior of …

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…organs of smelling to know when his prey is within his reach and by following this instinct he is enabled to measure the leap necessary to enable him to spring on his victims. On the other hand, man, who education teaches him to loathe the idea of such "uncivilized" and "crude" action, must always act consciously. Ergo, one who does not know how to act appropriately toward others fails to bear the title "human beings."