The essay is about Yossarian's (main character of J. Heller's book Catch 22) heroic features. The topic is: "Yossarian is not a typical hero" Discuss.

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"I need a hero 'til the end of the night and he's gotta be strong and he's gotta be tuff" - thus defines ... a hero in her song "I need a hero." In addition to those features a traditional hero is also respected by the majority, ready to sacrifice him- or herself for the sake of the safety of a neighbor and is ultimately good. On the other hand, one can also understand the term "…

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…certain extent overweighs his negative sides. I admire his bravery and strength which were clearly reflected in this act of him. The issue of Yossarian being a hero is slightly complicated and differs from the typical ones. However, the character has very strong features and despite the outbursts of egoism and ignorance the heroism is certainly present and the character can be considered a hero, although not the typical in the complete sense of it.