The emotional creativity of ludwig van beethoven

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Ludwig van Beethoven has been called one of the greatest composers to ever live. His emotionally charged creations of poetry in music are world renown for their ability to spark feeling into the hearts of those listening. It is often wondered what emotional tragedy in Beethoven’s life provoked him to write such awe-inspiring music. Beethoven had many distressing things occur in his life time that could be applied to his music but a major …

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…masses, and the opera he wrote. He has become the central composer of our western tradition(Lipman 55). “Beethoven occupies a position looking at once backward and foreword in the middle of western musical development...”(Lipman 55) Beethoven’s life has been one filled with many tragedies and hardships. He persevered through his fathers abuse and his deafness as a result. It is these hardships that have helped him to write such beautiful melodies and heartwarming harmonies.