The early history of sheep and wool

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The Early History of Sheep and Wool The history of the sheep industry began in Central Asia about 10,000 years ago. It's the nature of sheep to flock together. Early man could take sheep in his travels, because they are efficient grazers, and able to survive on sparse vegetation. Man had discovered the value of the sheep as a two product animal even then. It could provide two of life's essentials, meat and milk for food, …

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…than any other ruminant, and forages where other animals can't. With sheep in our 50 states, they fill our needs today just as they filled the needs of the stone age man. Works Cited Bishop, C.M. The Wool Story...From Fleece to Fashion. Oregon: Pendleton Woolen Mills, 1980. Channing, Marion. The Magic of Handspinning. Massachusetts: Thresh Publications, 1983. Regensteiner, Else. History of Sheep. New York: Watson-Guptill Publishing, 1975. Wilson, Jean. Weaving is for Everyone. New York: Dover Publishing, 1978.