The "dysfunctional economics" of the U.S. movie business

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When it comes to the U.S. motion picture industry, legendary screenwriter William Goldman put it best when he said "Nobody knows anything." For the most part, this statement is true, and it's this fact that makes the economics of filmmaking such a risky business. The economics of filmmaking just do not work and what you see could best be described as the "dysfunctional economics" of filmmaking, but through various articles, case studies, and videos …

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…wife, Rita Wilson that really took it to heart that it is not necessary for a big star to be in a movie for it to be successful. After taking notice of an ad in the newspaper of a play (that was only going to performed that one night), she decided to attend the performance. Needless to say, she managed to make that small unknown play into the popular phenomenon, My Big Fat Greed Wedding.