The dispositional and humanistic perspectives of personality

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Description: This essay was for a 2nd year psychology class called 'personality'. The essay asked the writer to examine several philosophical issues from both a dispositional and humanistic perspective. Abstract For many years, the argument over which perspective on personality is the more valid has been debated. Two of the more apposed parties have been the dispositional and humanistic perspectives. The dispositional perspective has long argued for a biological account of traits. This can then …

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…points from each model could be useful in building a less structured and more open resource for which to explain personality. References Digman, J. M. (1990). Personality Structure: An Emergence of the Five-Factor Model. The Annual Review of Psychology, 41, 417-440. Engler, B. (1999). Personality theories: an introduction. Boston: Houghton Demetriou, A., Doise, W. & Lieshout, C. (1998). Life-span developmental psychology. New York : J. Wiley & Sons. Weiten, W. (1998). Themes and variations (4th ed.). California. : Brooks/Cole Publishing Company.