The different types of love present in Shakespeare play, Twelfth Night. Shakespeare- Twelfth Night

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Shakespeare's comedy, 'Twelfth Night', is not only about tricks, pranks or black humour; moreover, it's deeply about love and different types of love and how they affect different personalities. The different types of love mentioned by Shakespeare in 'Twelfth Night' are: True love, boasting love, self-love and friendship. 'Twelfth Night' consists of many love triangles and the different characters involved in the triangles don't end up with the ones they love or even their love …

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…find happiness like rest of them do, Sir Andrew leave unhappily and Malvolio promises a revenge. As a conclusion, Shakespeare not only wrote a comedy to make people laugh but also explains what love really is; how love can affect ones life; how people forget their status when they are in love; how people feel when they fail to achieve what they desire. So 'Twelfth Night' is not only about making sexual jokes after all!