The demise of American Cities as an effect of Post-WWII affluence.

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The affluent post-war America, which started in the cities, not only moved away from the cities, but also contributed heartily to their demise. The image and actuality of American cities was forever changed in this span of approximately one decade. It was the undoing of every good action taken towards improving our great cities. It was not solely the affluence of the time, but a multitude of reasons, including conformity and fear of those who …

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…cities, and are the reason that those same cities are still impoverished today. Virtually all of the problems of the cities affected can be blamed on the low tax base, which can be attributed to the rush to suburbia in this time period. With such a low tax base, there's no money in the system to fix said problems, now and for years to come, which will lead into the ultimate demise of city life.